2024 Events

Yggdrasil by Lioudmila Perry Displate

All ceremonies are planned in outdoor settings. Occasionally, a potluck meal may follow. Please see our Health and Safety page for guidelines on gatherings.

Visitors may attend our moots and public ceremonies; please email us for details of the location. A moot is a meeting of grove members to perform a group practice, or just to have social time. Moots are often online, as it seems more convenient for many people's schedules. We welcome input on themes or activities to do during moots!

Private ceremonies may be attended only by people who've met with us at any three public events.


January 2024

No events planned

February 2024
Saturday Feb 3
11 am - 1 pm
An indoor location at a public park in Arvada

Brighid's Flame: Transformation, Healing, Rebirth

Bardic Rites
Saturday Feb 24
12 pm - 3 pm
Private location
Private ceremony

March 2024
Alban Eilir
Sunday Mar 24
11 am - 1 pm
A public park in Arvada

Spring Equinox – Ostara

April 2024
Saturday Apr 27
(5 pm ~ 7 pm)
Location TBD

Beltane, with two traditional fires, in the bright early evening

May 2024
Tursday May 30 – June 4
Bailey, CO

A new pagan festival continuing the celebrations of Beltania.

June 2024
Alban Hefin
Dates TBD

“It is at this time that the Druids hold their most complex ceremony. Starting at midnight on the eve of the Solstice, a vigil is held through the night – seated around the Solstice fire. The night is over in a matter of hours, and as light breaks, the Dawn Ceremony marks the time of the sun’s rising on this his most powerful day.”

Contact us for further info.

July 2024
8 weekends Jun–Aug
Larkspur, CO

Colorado Renaissance Festival

Held each weekend, for 8 weeks from June till August.

August 2024
Wednesday Jul 31 – Aug 4
Bailey, CO

Colorado Dragonfest

A beloved pagan festival since 1985.

Sunday Aug 11
Time 11 AM
Location TBD

The feast of Lugh – Lammas

The first of the three harvests of the year

September 2024
Friday Sep 6–8
Estes Park, CO

Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highlands Festival

Thursday Sep 19 – Sep 22
Bangor, PA

OBOD member-only retreat (this festival replaces OBOD's long-running East Coast Gathering that ended in 2017)


Alban Elfed
Sunday Sep 22
11 am ~ 1 pm
A secluded grove in Boulder

Autumn Equinox – Mabon

The second of the three harvests of the year

October 2024
Sunday Oct 27
5 pm ~ 8 pm
Location TBD
Private Ceremony

Ceremony of the ancestors, the final harvest, and the completion of the pagan wheel of the year.

This Samhain will mark the beginning of our grove's 10th year

November 2024

No events planned yet

December 2024
Saturday Dec 21
6 am ~ 7:30 am
Red Rocks, CO

A yearly tradition with no official organizer.

Hundreds of people come to Red Rocks at dawn on Winter Solstice to drum up the sun for the coming year!

Alban Arthan
Saturday Dec 21
11 am ~ 1 pm
A public park in Arvada

Winter Solstice – Yule

For more information, send us an email at flameandwellgrove@gmail.com


Our grove serves members along the Colorado Front Range (US) including the Denver and Boulder metropolitan areas. We hold most of our public ceremonies in Arvada, and private events at member's homes from south of Denver, up to Boulder, and into the foothills.