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Druids like to read. A LOT. Many of us have collected books for study and general interest over several years. Here’s a list of titles that we think you may find interesting as you make your way along the path(s).


Lending Library

As a benefit of membership in the grove, several of our members have chosen books they’re willing to lend to other members. If an icon of a book is shown in the Grove Library column, roll over it (or tap-hold) to see who to ask about borrowing the book. This is a simple way to nurture connections between members and facilitate the spreading of knowledge.

Books and Audio by leading members of OBOD

Ross Nichols founded the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids in 1964. He was actively studying and writing about Druidry during the same period that Gerald Gardner was forming Wicca. The two men were acquaintances and shared ideas of the spiritual mysteries they were both in the process of assembling from the treasures of history.

Philip Carr-Gomm is the Order’s current Chosen Chief. A friend and student of Ross Nichols, Philip has a professional background in psychology, and uses this knowledge to delve into many psychic and emotional benefits of Druid studies. Philip has written books on many topics of interest in Druidry.

Damh the Bard (pronounced “Dave the Bard”) currently fills the Order’s position of Pendragon, an artistic leader of sorts. Damh is a folk singer with many albums inspired by Welsh mythology, and hosts the Order’s Druidcast monthly audio program (podcast).

Penny Billington is the editor of the Order’s monthly newsletter Touchstone and is the author of fiction and nonfiction books dealing with eclectic topics of occult and Druidry.

TitleAuthor(s)NotesYearPublisherGrove Library
The Book of DruidryRoss Nichols Ross assembled this comprehensive survey of Druidry’s history and concepts over many years as he framed OBOD’s corpus of knowledge and technique.
As a book of esoteric teachings in the Druid tradition, it is invaluable. But some of its history is out of date, and at times Nichols makes definitive statements that can’t be verified and are unlikely at best. The Book of Druidry is not recommended for beginners, but if you consider yourself a Druid you need to read it eventually. —John Beckett
1990Castle Books
Prophet Priest and King: The Poetry of Philip Ross NicholsRoss Nichols A collection of Ross Nichol's poetry which includes prose from Prose Chants and Poems (1941), The Cosmic Shape (with James Kirkup, 1946), Seasons at War (1947), and unpublished poems from the early '50s onwards. 1975Oak Tree Press
Druid MysteriesPhilip Carr-Gomm This book by the Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids is the best single place to start. It’s short (186 pages) and easy to read. It provides a brief introduction to the historical Druids, the revival Druids, and contemporary Druids. It includes some exercises to help you begin a Druid spiritual practice. If you read Druid Mysteries and do the work it recommends you’ll be in good shape to figure out where you need to go next. —John Beckett 1996
The Rebirth of Druidry: Ancient Earth Wisdom for TodayPhilip Carr-Gomm The definitive guide to the modern Druid movement, with contributions from chief Druids from America, Britain and France, as well as writers and mystics, healers and psychologists, professors and historians. Together, they delve into the past and examine the history and sacred rites of the Druids, as well as examining the state of Druidry today. Includes a lyrical preface by Tom Cowan and introduction by Professor Ronald Hutton. —Philip Carr-Gomm's website
Originally published as The Druid Renaissance in 1996.
2003Element Books
The Druid WayPhilip Carr-Gomm A book that weaves history, folklore, Druidry, spirituality and psychology into the story of a walk from a sacred hill in Lewes, Sussex, to the giant chalk hill-figure of the Long Man of Wilmington. A reviewer writes: ‘The book describes one person’s journey in the countryside of southern England that evolves into any-person’s journey of self-discovery, and discovery of the Goddess of the Land.’ —Philip Carr-Gomm's website 1997Element Publishing
In the Grove of the DruidsPhilip Carr-Gomm A major study of the work of one of the seminal thinkers in Western Paganism. Ross Nichols was Chief of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids until his death in 1975. He was a man who believed passionately in the power of myth, poetry, ritual, and drama, and in the interconnectedness of the world’s great religious systems. This fascinating biography and wide-ranging selection of Ross Nichol’s work contains writing on key themes including ritual, festivals, mythology, symbolism, temple architecture, and archeology, and the links between Druidry and other ancient wisdom traditions. —Philip Carr-Gomm's website 2002Watkins
Druidcraft: The Magic of Wicca and DruidryPhilip Carr-Gomm and Vivianne CrowleyThis interesting book looks at similarities between Wicca (The Craft) and Druidry, offering teachings, rituals and magical techniques that draw on the power of both traditions.2002CreateSpace
What do Druids Believe?Philip Carr-Gomm "Far and away the best short introduction to modern Druidry in print." —John Michael Greer, Philip Carr-Gomm's website 2006Granta
The Path of Druidry: Walking the Ancient Green WayPenny Billington Penny Billington's book explains what Druidry is, but mainly it’s a guide to becoming a Druid without joining one of the major orders. Her method is grounded in the same tradition as OBOD and AODA, but it brings in some of Dion Fortune’s approach to spirituality. It’s not a substitute for the OBOD course – no single book can compare to three years (nominally) of weekly lessons. But for those who don’t want to commit to the time and expense of OBOD’s course, or who want a complementary approach to go with it, this is a good choice. —John Beckett 2011Llewellyn Publications
The Wisdom of Birch, Oak and Yew: Connect to the Magic of Trees for Guidance & TransformationPenny Billington Written by a Druid with more than twenty years of practical experience, The Wisdom of Birch, Oak, and Yew will guide you through a one-of-a-kind journey of magical self-discovery. Its unique invitation: change your perspective by "being as a tree" and consider yourself in light of the qualities of our arboreal friends.
"Wise, inspiring, and entertaining, this is a profoundly practical book about nature's magic and how it supports our personal development. I warmly recommend it." —Dr. William Bloom, author of The Power of Modern Spirituality, GoodReads
2015Llewellyn Publications
The Keys to the Temple: Unlocking Dion Fortune's Mystical Qabalah Through Her Occult NovelsPenny BillingtonHearing about this book on Druidcast got me to read three more of Dion Fortune’s haunting novels, in which she hid clues to explore “real life” occult mysteries. Penny Billington digs out those clues to reflect on their striking Qabalic symbolism.2017Llewellyn Publications
DruidcastDamh the Bard An excellent monthly podcast produced by OBOD containing music and interviews on Druid/pagan themes.Listen Online
Y MabinogiDamh the BardAudio albums of Damh (pronounced “Dave”) telling tales from the four branches of the Mabinogion
The Druidcraft TarotPhilip Carr-Gomm and Stephanie Carr-GommA tarot deck and companion book, designed with characters of the ancient British isles; it offers familiar symbols during ritual divinations.2004

Other introductory resources on Druidry

TitleAuthor(s)NotesYearPublisherGrove Library
Principles of Druidry: The Only Introduction You’ll Ever NeedEmma Restall Orr Druids respect the earth and our ancestors, honor the spirits of nature and celebrate individuality and creativity. This is a comprehensive introduction to a compelling spiritual tradition that is more popular today than ever. 1999ThorsonsRead Online
The Bardic Book of Becoming: An Introduction to Modern DruidryIan McBethIan McBeth and his wife Fearn Lickfield founded the Green Mountan Druid Order in Vermont in 2006. This book gives delightful insights and inspirations on becoming a Bard. It’s an excellent way to enhance perspectives around OBOD’s bardic material.2018Red Wheel/Weiser
From the Cauldron Born: Exploring the Magic of Welsh Legend & LoreKristoffer HughesThis book takes the mythological tale that anchors the whole of the Bardic grade even deeper, helping the student synthesize further understanding.2012Llewellyn Publications
The DruidsRonald Hutton This is fairly short (240 pages) and easy to read book. Its premise is that while we can know very little about the ancient Druids with certainty, we do know how the Druids have been imagined over the last 500 years or so. Druids are portrayed in many different ways in the media and popular culture, and that has influenced how contemporary Druids see themselves. If you want to understand why people call themselves Druids, this is the book for you. —John Beckett 2008Hambledon Continuum
The Story ArchaeologistsIsolde Carmody and Chris Thompson A podcast exploring the early Irish mythological cycles; a great resource for budding bards!Listen Online

Books by members of our grove!

Kevin Fury founded Doitean agus Uisce, the Flame and Well grove, on the summer solstice of 2015.

Anne Parker is one of our grove’s members who has achieved the Druid grade. She is a Professor of Environmental Studies at Naropa University.

Tina Fields is our grove’s encyclopedic leader of song, dance and performance. She is a Professor of Ecopsychology at Naropa University.

TitleAuthor(s)NotesYearPublisherGrove Library
Hawthorne: The Druid Chronicles, Book 1Kevin FuryA fast-paced, well-constructed fantasy novel from a new author, Hawthorne follows present-day people on a heroic quest to restore balance to the hidden land of the Sidhe.2015Banshee Publishing
Earth Alchemy: Aligning Your Home with Nature's EnergiesAnne Parker and Dominique SusaniAn introduction to principles of geomancy and dowsing that can be learned in service of improving the relation of your home to the land.2011Findhorn Press
Celtic Shamanism: Pagan Celtic SpiritualityTina Fields A study of various forms of spiritual and magical practice attributed to Bronze and Iron Age Celts, especially the druidic class.2005Published in Shamanism: An Encyclopedia of World Beliefs, Practices, and Culture (Vol. 1, 469-478)Read Online
So What? Now What? The Anthropology of Consciousness Responds to a World in CrisisMatthew Bronson and Tina Fields (ed.)An exploration of how insights from the field of Anthropology of Consciousness can catalyze shifts in dominant cultural-structural systems that have precipitated a nearly chronic state of crises for people around the globe.2010Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Books for further reading

TitleAuthor(s)NotesYearPublisherGrove Library
The MabinogionLady Charlotte Guest The Mabinogi are mythological tales from Middle Welsh, first compiled in the 12th - 13th centuries from earlier oral traditions. Gods and heroes from these tales figure in modern druidic studies as archetypal symbols. Lady Charlotte Guest created the first complete English translation in the mid 19th century. Gwyn Jones and Thomas Jones produced another translation in 1948. 1849Read Online
Mount Haemus Lectures Volume 1OBOD
Lectures sponsored by OBOD, who grant a scholarship each year for original research in Druidism. Volume 1 contains lectures from 2000 - 2007

The Origins of Modern Druidry (2000)

Druidry: Exported Possibilities and Manifestations (2001)

Phallic Religion in the Druid Revival (2002)

Question, Answer and the Transmission of Wisdom in Celtic and Druidic Tradition (2003)

Universal Majesty, Verity and Love Infinite (2004)

Working With Animals (2005)

'I would know my Shadow and my Light' - An exploration of Michael Tippet’s The Midsummer Marriage and its relevance to a study of Druidism (2006)

Entering Faerie: Elves, Sidhe-folk and the Ancestors (2007)

2000 - 2007The Oak Tree Press
Mount Haemus Lectures Volume 2OBOD
Lectures sponsored by OBOD, who grant a scholarship each year for original research in Druidism. Volume 2 contains lectures from 2008 - 2016

Druid Ethics (2008)

What is a Bard? (2009)

Druidry and Transpersonal History (2010)

From Solstice to Equinox and Back Again: the influence of the midpoint on human health and the use of plants to modify such effects (2011)

Magical Transformation in the Spoils of Annwn and the Book of Taliesin - Exploring the Backbone of Druidry (2012)

Music and the Otherworld: Sacred Places, Sacred Sounds (2013)

‘Almost unmentionable in polite society’? Druidry and Archaeologists in the Twentieth Century (2014)

Gathering Mistletoe - an approach to and an interpretation of E Graham Howe's Non-dual Psycho-spiritual Psychotherapy (2015)

Tree Lore is Wisdom (2016)

2008 - 2016The Oak Tree Press
A Brief History of The DruidsPeter Berresford Ellis Ellis covers the general structure of the Celtic world in which the Druids lived and worked, the historical sources we have for them, and what we know or can reasonably guess about their beliefs, teachings, rituals, and work in their societies. Some of this involves speculation, but it’s reasonable speculation supported by evidence and logic. If you want a good guess at what the ancient Druids were really like, this is your best bet. —John Beckett 1994W.B. Eerdmans Pub
Ogam: Weaving Word WisdomErynn Rowan LaurieAn introduction to Ogam (or Ogham), a rune-like alphabet used to write the early Irish language. Each letter corresponds to a species of tree, inviting reflection on natural symbolism, including techniques of divination.2007Megalithica
A Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth YearEllen Evert HopmanHerbal information in chapters that progress through the seasons from All Hallows through the fall equinox. Each of these chapters first sets the seasonal context, then presents a list of the herbs pertinent to that season.1995
Animal Speak. The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & SmallTed Andrews2006Llewellyn Publishing
Merlin: The Prophet and His HistoryGeoffry Ashe2006The History Press
Companion Tales to the Maginogi Legend and Landscape of WalesJohn K. Bollard2007Gomer Press Limited
The DruidsNora K. Chadwick1966University of Wales Press
The CeltsNora K. Chadwick1979Penguin Books
The Ancient CeltsBarry Cunliffe1997Oxford University Press
Celtic Myths and LegendsPeter Berresford Ellis2006Carroll & Graf Pub
The Celts: A HistoryPeter Berresford Ellis For centuries the Celts held sway in Europe. Even after their conquest by the Romans, their culture remained vigorous, ensuring that much of it endured to feed an endless fascination with Celtic history and myths, artwork and treasures. Peter Berresford Ellis, a foremost authority on the Celtic peoples and their culture, presents an invigorating overview of their world. With his gift for making the scholarly accessible, he discusses the Celts' mysterious origins and early history, and investigates their rich and complex society. His use of recently uncovered finds brings fascinating insights into Celtic kings and chieftains, architecture, arts, medicine, religion, myths and legends, making this essential reading for any search for Europe's ancient past. —Goodreads 2008Running Press
Kindling the Celtic SpiritMara Freeman2001Harper
Grail Alchemy: Initiation in the Celtic Mystery TraditionMara Freeman Mara Freeman traces the evolution of the Grail from the sacred vessel of the Celtic goddess to the Cup of Christ, revealing a spiritual path rooted in the mysteries of the Goddess, the Grail, and the Sword. She explains how the Sword has dominated over the Goddess and the Grail for far too long, leading to a spiritual wasteland as foretold in the Grail stories. She provides a practical workbook of exercises, visualizations, and magical rituals to restore the power of the divine feminine through spiritually transformative experiences with the Cauldron of Rebirth, the Chalice of Healing, the Sword of Light, and the Holy Grail itself. —Goodreads 2014Destiny Books
The Gods of the CeltsMiranda Green1986Barnes and Noble
The World of the DruidsMiranda Green Examining the archaeological evidence, Classical commentaries and early Welsh and Irish myths, she shows that the Druids were fully integrated into Celtic societyfulfilling varied and necessary roles, both secular and religious. The Roman writers are seen to reflect the double standards of an invading society: condemning as barbaric the public sacrifice of enemies by the Druids while accepting as civilized their own practice of slaughter for sport in the arena. Yet the Classical sources can be used to help reveal the real Druids. We learn of their multiple roles as judges, teachers, healers, magicians, philosophers, religious leaders and fomenters of rebellion. —Goodreads 1997Thames and Hudson
A Legacy of Druids: Conversations With Druid Leaders Of Britain, The USA And Canada, Past And PresentEllen Evert Hopman2016Moon Books
Being a Pagan: Druids, Wiccans, and Witches TodayEllen Evert Hopman In this book Pagan leaders and teachers describe in their own words what they believe and what they practice. From Margot Adler, an NPR reporter and author of Drawing Down the Moon, to Isaac Bonewits, ArchDruid and founder of a modern neo-Druidic organization, those interviewed in this book express the rich diversity of modern Paganism. Hopman's insightful questions draw on her own experiences as a Pagan and Druid as well as on her extensive research. With coauthor Lawrence Bond, she examines how Pagans address such issues as parenting, organized religion, and politics. The resulting dialogues illuminate the modern Pagan revival. —Goodreads 1996Destiny
The Journey Into Spirit: A Pagan's Perspective on Death, Dying & BereavementKristoffer Hughes2014Llewellyn Publications
The Book of Celtic Magic: Transformative Teachings from the Cauldron of AwenKristoffer Hughes2014Llewellyn Publications
Blood and Mistletoe: The History of the Druids in BritainRonald Hutton Blood and Mistletoe is long (491 pages, including 69 pages of notes and indices) and dense. Hutton is a professional historian and this book is intended to be a serious work of academic history. If you want the facts unglossed by speculation, this is the book for you. —John Beckett 2009Yale Press
Pagan BritainRonald Hutton Britain's pagan past, with its mysterious monuments, atmospheric sites, enigmatic artifacts, bloodthirsty legends, and cryptic inscriptions, is both enthralling and perplexing to a resident of the twenty-first century. In this ambitious and thoroughly up-to-date book, Ronald Hutton reveals the long development, rapid suppression, and enduring cultural significance of paganism, from the Paleolithic Era to the coming of Christianity. —Goodreads 2013Yale Press
The DruidsStuart Piggot Piggott, noted archaeologist at the University of Edinburgh, takes a rather sour view of the white-robed processionals that today visit Stonehenge and continually contrasts "Druids-as-known" with "Druids-as-wished-for" in the romantic imagination. ... The last section of the book is devoted to the encrustations of legend and folklore which have been going strong since the 18th century. The picture which emerges from Piggott's rather austere presentation is of a heroic society with highly developed and beautifully decorated metal-work, "conditional literacy," a warrior elite, and an itinerant, intertribal learned class which in Ireland, if not Gaul, functioned as "the only national institution." —Kirkus Reviews 1968Thames & Hudson
The Stations of the SunRonald Hutton1996Oxford University Press
The Apple Branch: A Path to Celtic RitualAlexei Kondratiev2003Citadel Press
A Circle of StonesErynn Rowan Laurie1995Eschaton
The Well of Five Streams: Essays on Celtic PaganismErynn Rowan Laurie2015Megalithica Books
Blood of the Celts: The New Ancestral StoryJean Manco2015Thames & Hudson
The Myst Filled Path: Celtic Wisdom for Exiles, Wanderers, and SeekersFrank MacEowen and Tom Cowan2002New World Library
Yearning for the Wind: Celtic Reflections on Nature and the SoulFrank MacEowen and Tom Cowan2003New World Library
The Oxford Dictionary of Celtic MythologyJames MacKillop2004Oxford University Press
Celtic Myth and Religion: A Study of Traditional Belief, with Newly Translated Prayers, Poems and SongsSharon Paice MacLeod2012MacFarland
Celtic Cosmology and the Otherworld: Mythic Origins, Sovereignty and LiminalitySharon Paice MacLeod2018MacFarland
Celtic Visions: Seership, Omens and Dreams of the OtherworldCaitlin Matthews2012Watkins
Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom: A Celtic Shaman SourcebookCaitlin and John Matthews This rich cauldron of ancient lore contains many new translations of seminal Celtic text, including stories, poems and prose pieces, many dating from as far back as the seventh century. Key ingredients include shamanic memory, druidic divination and prophecy, shapeshifting, soul-loss and restoration, magic and healing. There are detailed commentaries, comprehensive background material and practical shamanic insights. —Book jacket 1994Element Pub
The Bardic Sourcebook: Inspirational Legacy and Teachings of the Ancient CeltsJohn Matthews1998Blanford
The Celtic Seers' Sourcebook: Vision and Magic in the Druid TraditionJohn Matthews Experts in the ancient traditions of the Seers provide the most enlightening collection of writings ever published about their powers, visions, and relationship with nature. The topics range from precognitive dreams, incubatory sleep, and co-walking to auguries, oracles, and second sight. The greatest ancient tales featuring seers also come in for fresh analysis, as do the great prophecies of Merlin, the poems of Suibney Geilt, the visions of MacConglinne, and the visions of Brahan the Seer. —Goodreads 1999Cassell
The Druid SourcebookJohn Matthews1998Blandford
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Celtic WisdomCarl McColman2003Alpha Books, Penguin Group Pub
Rituals of Celebration: Honoring the Seasons of Life through the Wheel of the YearJane Meredith2013Llewellyn Publications
The Sea KingdomsAlistair Moffat2002Harper Collins
Ogam: The Celtic Oracle of the Trees: Understanding, Casting, and Interpreting the Ancient Druidic AlphabetPaul Rhys Mountfort2002Destiny Books
Druids and the Ancestors: Finding Our Place in Our Own HistoryNimue Brown2012Moon Books
Ritual: A guide to Life, Love & InspirationEmma Restall Orr2000Thorsons
Living Druidry: Magical Spirituality for the Wild SoulEmma Restall Orr2004Piatkus Books
Druid PriestessEmma Restall OrrThorsons
Celtic Heritage: Ancient Tradition in Ireland and WalesAlwyn Rees and Brinley ReesThis work looks at Welsh and Irish mythologies, with the goal of updating older comparative studies with new advances (as of 1961) in the fields of religion, mythology and anthropology.1961Thames and Hudson
The Discovery of Middle Earth: Mapping the Lost World of the CeltsGraham Robb2013W. W. Norton & Company
The CeltsAlice Roberts2017Quercus
Pagan Celtic BritainAnne Ross1967Academy Chicago Publishers
Four Ancient Books of WalesWilliam Forbes Skene2007Forgotten Books
Celtic Myth and LegendCharles Squire1975Newcastle Publishing
Druid Magic: The Practice of Celtic WisdonMaya Magee Sutton, and Nicholas R. Mann2000Llewellyn
Saxons, Vikings and Celts: The Genetic Roots of Britain and IrelandBryan Sykes2006W. W. Norton & Company
Gods and Fighting Men: The Story of the Tuatha De Danaan and the Fianna of IrelandLady Augusta Gregory Stories of the Tuatha De Danaan, the penultimate invaders of Ireland in a long history of invasions, offer rich mythological tales that figure prominently in pagan studies, including the names and exploits of famous Druids. Gods and heroes in this mythological cycle are cognate to those in the Welsh branches, giving additional perspectives of the same archetypes. 1904Colin Smythe Ltd. Read Online
Dancing With Nemetona: A Druid's Exploration of Sanctuary and SacredJoanna van der Hoeven2014Moon Books
Christian MythologyPhillipe Walter2003Inner Traditions
Earth MagicFrancis HitchingA look at megalithic structures in the UK and US, an introduction to ley lines, dowsing and power stones and the simple physical processes that may be their underlying cause. A rational and open-minded study of principles of geomancy.1976William Morrow and Company
The Druidry Handbook: Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living EarthJohn Michael Greer John Michael Greer was the Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA) until 2015. This book gives some good perspectives on Druid practice outside of the OBOD path.2006Weiser Books
The Druid Magic Handbook: Ritual Magic Rooted in the Living EarthJohn Michael GreerCompanion to Greer’s The Druidry Handbook, the Druid Magic Handbook gives instructions for magical workings and ceremonies in the AODA framework.2007Weiser Books
The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human WorldDavid Abram David Abram draws on sources as diverse as the philosophy of Merleau-Ponty, Balinese shamanism, Apache storytelling, and his own experience as an accomplished sleight-of-hand magician to reveal the subtle dependence of human cognition on the natural environment. He explores the character of perception and excavates the sensual foundations of language, which--even at its most abstract--echoes the calls and cries of the earth. On every page of this lyrical work, Abram weaves his arguments with passion and intellectual daring. —Goodreads 1996Vintage Books
The Biophilia Effect: A Scientific and Spiritual Exploration of the Healing Bond Between Humans and NatureClemens Arvay We’ve all had an intuitive sense of the healing power of nature. Clemens G. Arvay’s new book brings us the science to verify this power, sharing fascinating research along with teachings and tools for accessing the therapeutic properties of the forest and natural world. Already a bestseller in Germany, The Biophilia Effect is a book that transforms our understanding of our interconnection with nature—and shows us how to engage the natural world wherever we live for greater health, inspiration, rejuvenation, and spiritual sustenance. —Goodreads 2018Sounds True
The Book of the Rewards of LifeHildegard of Bingen1994Oxford University Press
If Women Rose Rooted: The Journey to Authenticity and BelongingSharon Blackie2016September Publishing
The Alchemist’s Journey: An Old System for a New AgeGlennie Kindred2006Hay House
Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy LivesWayne Muller2000Bantam Books
Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic WisdomJohn O’Donohue1997Harper Collins Publishers
Benedictus: A Book of BlessingsJohn O’Donohue2007Transworld Publishers
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual EnlightenmentEckart TolleYes, there is a connection to druidic studies1999New World Library

Rare books

For those who wish to see antiquarian tomes related to druidic studies.

TitleAuthor(s)NotesYearPublisherGrove Library
The MabinogionLady Charlotte Guest The Mabinogi are mythological tales from Middle Welsh, first compiled in the 12th - 13th centuries from earlier oral traditions. Gods and heroes from these tales figure in modern druidic studies as archetypal symbols. Lady Charlotte Guest created the first complete English translation in the mid 19th century.
In three volumes.
The Iolo ManuscriptsTaliesin Williams Edward Williams was a Welsh scholar of the early 19th century, who adopted the name Iolo Morganwg. He collected Welsh manuscripts that supported his ideas of Druidism, and embellished them with other contemporary ideas to create an early reference for bardic study. It's now known that Williams forged many—though not all—of the manuscripts that he claimed represented ancient druidic practice. His son Taliesin Williams translated this selection of his father’s manuscripts into English. 1848The Welsh Manuscript Society
The Arthurian LegendJohn Rhys John Rhys' objective for this book is to “make Welsh literature help to shed light on the Arthurian Legend” and he highlights many tales from the Maginogi, giving us more perspective on these rich mythologies. Rhys held the chair of Professor of Celtic in the University of Oxford when he wrote these studies, first delivering the material in his Hibbert Lectures on Celtic Heathendom in 1886. 1891Oxford University Press
Gods and Fighting Men: The Story of the Tuatha De Danaan and the Fianna of IrelandLady Augusta Gregory Stories of the Tuatha De Danaan, the penultimate invaders of Ireland in a long history of invasions, offer rich mythological tales that figure prominently in pagan studies, including the names and exploits of famous Druids. Gods and heroes in this mythological cycle are cognate to those in the Welsh branches, giving additional perspectives of the same archetypes.
Lady Gregory's translations of these myths from the early Irish created a unified group of tales that made a greater impact on people's appreciation of the wealth and strength of Irish mythology than any other similar work.
1904Colin Smythe Ltd.


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