Postings of interest from the grove

Samhain at Denver Pagan Pride

Coming up this October 31st is Denver Pagan Pride Day. Flame and Well will hold a Samhain ceremony there in the afternoon! All attendees are welcome to participate. Pagan Pride will be on Sunday Oct 31 from 11 AM - 4 PM at Washington Park in Denver. Our Samhain...

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2021 Festivals

2021 offers us some fresh hopes of attending festivals, though some have been postponed again until 2022. Dragonfest Pan-pagan retreat in the mountains of Colorado August 4 - 8, Bailey, CO To be held online as a virtual fest Pan-pagan People of all religions and...

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2020 Festivals Update

Well, the events of 2020 have blown some festivals out of the water. Here are some updates about what we're still hoping to attend. Dragonfest Pan-pagan retreat in the mountains of Colorado Aug 6 – 9, Bailey, CO To be held online as a virtual fest pan-pagan People of...

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2020 Year of Festivals

2020 will be a year of festivals for some members of our grove. One or more of us are planning to attend the following OBOD or pan-pagan festivals.  Check these out and attend one or more with us!   MAGUS OBOD's Mid-Atlantic Gathering, US May 14 – 17, Gore, VA...

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Samhain Passages

Samhain (or as OBOD students spell it, Samhuinn) is a festival of many layers: connecting with ancestor spirits and stories, celebrating the last harvest, meditating on the role of death within life, and marking the transition from the old year to the new. This time...

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The Wheel Turns

In August, our wonderful Chief of Grove Lexi decided to pass the torch of leadership to another lucky member. Lexi was the driving force and rallying point to grow our Seed Group into an OBOD-recognized Grove! She has shaped many of our grove's ideas and activities,...

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Paths and Traditions

We recently attended the sixth annual Paths and Traditions fair, held in Golden CO. Two marvelous people began hosting this fair in 2013, as a way for different local pagan groups to meet seekers on the pagan path. They organized under the name Cro Dreoilin, and...

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Making Grove

...many months pass... I promised that it would be a long time between postings! Over the last three years our grove has been an active source of inspiration and joy for its members. We've celebrated all of the eight "seasonal ceremonies" each year, and met to...

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Hello Worlds!

There’s a certain irony in building and maintaining an online presence for a Druid group. Reconnecting with nature is both an important goal of Druidry and a crucial tool to open ourselves to mystical energies. We use meditations on the elements of air, fire, earth...

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Our grove serves members along the Colorado Front Range (US) including the Denver and Boulder metropolitan areas. We hold most of our public ceremonies in Arvada, and private events at member's homes from south of Denver, up to Boulder, and into the foothills.