A very special event for the grove in 2023 was an art show created by members called Finding Awen that hung in a few local venues. In 2022, Raven proposed we let inspirations from our full moon hikes flow through us like Awen, to create artwork to share with others. And so we did: a handful of us created beautiful pieces that we assembled into a show. It featured many of Raven’s haunting photos of that landscape, and also included photographs by Chaya and Keith, paintings by Raeyn and Asherae, calligraphy of traditional bardic verse by Maeve, and poetry by Ranvena, Raeyn and Maeve. We even produced a Zine of images and poetry to give away to people visiting the show.

To raise awareness of deep natural beauty shrinking in suburban development, we brought the show to Denver Pagan Pride Day in August 2023 and led a ceremony that embodied the themes of nature and poetry in the show.

This amazing collaboration showed us what it means to be a Bard… to ignite one’s creative desires and fuel manifestations of inspired beauty. And what it means to be a Druid… to help communicate the meaning of that and bring others face to face with its fragile inspirations.


Image above: Gaia
Land art and photography by Raven Darkmoon