2020 will be a year of festivals for some members of our grove. One or more of us are planning to attend the following OBOD or pan-pagan festivals.  Check these out and attend one or more with us!


OBOD’s Mid-Atlantic Gathering, US
May 14 – 17, Gore, VAOBOD
The Inner Flame of the Soul, the Alchemical Flame of Transformation, and the Primal Flame of Passion will be explored through rituals and workshops that will enrich the mind, body, and spirit!

New pagan festival near the foothills of Colorado
May 29 – 31, Berthoud, COpan-pagan
The first year of a new pagan festival, organized by the Northern Colorado Covenant of the River.

Pan-pagan retreat in the mountains of Colorado
August 6 – 9, Bailey, COpan-pagan
People of all religions and spiritual traditions are welcome at Dragonfest; workshops and rituals focus on Neopagan, Wiccan, and other Earth-based spiritual practices.

Dragon Oak
OBOD’s new “East Coast Gathering”
September 17 – 20, Milford, PAOBOD
Dragon Oak OBOD Retreat (DOOR) is a private event for members of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and their families and friends