We recently attended the sixth annual Paths and Traditions fair, held in Golden CO. Two marvelous people began hosting this fair in 2013, as a way for different local pagan groups to meet seekers on the pagan path. They organized under the name Cro Dreoilin, and describe their name and vision here: http://www.crodreoilin.org.

Many “alternative spirituality” groups are represented: several covens, groves, healers, practitioners of shamanism, practitioners of magic, discordians, and even a pagan chamber choir. Our grove has hosted a table there for the last four years. We bring some conversation material like books and bardic study lessons, and have a great time chatting with very interesting people. There’s even a schedule of talks, for each group to go into more depth about the things they do. Several of our current members found us through this event.

And we’ve discovered other pagan groups that we may not have otherwise met. The organizers told us this aspect has grown in importance over the years–nurturing the web of pagan practices throughout the Colorado front range.

The event is free to attend as a visitor or representative. Check out http://pathsandtraditions.org to learn how to connect.