…many months pass… I promised that it would be a long time between postings!

Over the last three years our grove has been an active source of inspiration and joy for its members. We’ve celebrated all of the eight “seasonal ceremonies” each year, and met to joyfully share food, drink and discussion almost as many times. New members have found us at the annual Paths and Traditions fair in Golden, and from our public Facebook site where we post news of upcoming events. Our members have been advancing in their studies, a few making Ovate and Druid in this time.

Finally, we were able to apply for “full grove” status with OBOD. They verified the required numbers and grades of our membership, read of our active status since our founding, and sent us a letter of congratulations!  We’re now recognized by OBOD as a full grove of the Order, and members are giddy with excitement!

What does this mean? Well, we do have a bunch of new rules to follow, mostly formalizing the things we’re already doing. But what does it mean for you?  Mostly, I think some extra assurance that we’ll be around for a while, with leaders dedicated to managing the natural chaos of a growing group. We’re committed to provide a place for lone practitioners and seekers to join safely with others in ritual, continuing to host rites for the eight holidays: Samhuinn, Alban Arthan (Yule), Imbolc, Alban Eilir (Ostara), Bealteinne, Alban Hefin (Litha), Lughnasadh, and Alban Elfed (Mabon).

We’ve explored several other ways to provide benefits to members, yet have not settled on a sustainable vision for this yet. An early rite of divination showed us a calling to education, and we’re still trying to crystallize that into action. Now that we’ve learned many devilish details of simply running the grove, we may soon be ready to work toward this calling. Maybe posting a little more frequently here will be one way to accomplish this goal!

With the deep peace of the standing stones and starry vault,

for Flame and Well Grove