There’s a certain irony in building and maintaining an online presence for a Druid group. Reconnecting with nature is both an important goal of Druidry and a crucial tool to open ourselves to mystical energies. We use meditations on the elements of air, fire, earth and water to deepen our comprehension of human traits, and to feel more a part of the landscapes that we walk through.

We attempt to hold all of our rituals outside, to feel the wind around us, the earth beneath our feet, birds calling above. This can be challenging at times. In our powerful first ritual on Samhuinn of 2015, the water on the altar froze. And on Bealteine of 2016, the temperature dropped 15 degrees as freezing rain began to fall; not dressed for this, we moved indoors. It’s more often that we get to practice joyfully barefoot on soft grass, surrounded by trees and mountain peaks.

We spend much less time tending our online world. This is my pre-emptive excuse for lengthy periods between updates here. Despite that, we’re an active group and welcome new visitors who are honestly curious, or who practice as solitary Druids and are looking for a grove.

As listed elsewhere on this site, you can reach us by email or Facebook.

Blessings of the stars and standing stones to you,

Dreahaerr an Roan